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Oleksandra Slobodianiuk

Digital Marketing Consultant Company (Freelancer )

It was an honor for me to become a part of this great and diverse community of Vilnius University. The studies at the university became for me one of the most wonderful encouragements for my development and growth.



Aira Aira Janonyte

Senior Project Coordinator at "SERMO"

The programme ‘Marketing and Integrated Communication’ allowed me to achieve more than just quality studies at Vilnius University. I could continue my studies in Parthenope University (Naples, Italy), since the programme has a double-degree agreement with that university.

After using this opportunity I can confirm that this was a very correct decision.

I am proud of the education with extensive international experience and Master diplomas of two universities!


Giorgi Gogitidze Giorgi Gogitidze, graduate from Georgia

Lead Customer Care Manager, Philip Morris International

It is never an easy task to choose an university for studying, especially for a non-EU citizen. Online research, ratings, reviews, feedbacks from students, etc. are the things that help on the way; however, the doubts regarding the linkage of the choice with the career/personal aspirations are very strong. I’ve also been there once. Now, as a successful graduate (Marketing and Integrated Communication) from Vilnius University, I can say that my choice was right. There are at least two reasons for that.

First, the studies in Vilnius University are not about memorizing things, but rather about the blending business practices with their adequate theoretical understanding. Lots of invited foreign and local guest speakers make this even more attractive and almost entertaining. This gives a strong start for a career in addition to the formal value of an EU diploma that opens many doors for non-EU citizens. Also, there is an additional value of the diploma that is granted specifically by Vilnius University – the top university in the country and the one of the 500 best universities in the world.

Second, living in Vilnius is an amazing experience of integration into a truly international community among the students from many countries and broader. Student life is very active, and this is fun. But broader experiences are about the place where almost everybody speaks English and where dozens of international companies ask for right education and English language skills. If one has both of them – the career doors are opening.


Yan Luo

Yan Luo, graduate from China

Sales supervisor for China market in LW LOGISTICS

The decision to study Marketing and Integrated Communication in Vilnius University, Lithuania, was one of my best decisions. The studies were truly international by the overall atmosphere, having my class-mates, experienced lecturers and guest speakers from Lithuania and many other countries. I personally got a lot of practical knowledge from not just marketing, but also from sales management, which was specifically useful for my career.

I see the programme as a special opportunity for Chinese students. With the development of one-belt-one-road policy, there is growing business cooperation between China and Lithuania, and a lot of this is about marketing and communications. Hiring Chinese employees is becoming a trend in Lithuanian enterprises. I personally benefit from this trend: I work in UAB ”LW LOGISTICS”, a Lithuanian logistics company, where I already have moved from a sales manager to a sales supervisor for China market.

Just to know: Lithuania is a peaceful and safe country to live in. I would really recommend more Chinese students to choose studying Marketing in Vilnius University; it pays back very well!


Lidziya Lydia Lysenkova, graduate from Belarus

Content Manager at Jungle SMM 

I just want to say that I love Vilnius University, because:

- there are many international students, which gives many opportunities of making connections all over the world during the studies;
- professors are treating students as their colleagues, and student opinions always matter;
- all the course materials are up to date and include a lot of practical business knowledge, not just theory;
- students have possibility to get a double-degree (Italy) and opportunities for numerous exchange destinations in many other countries.


 Yana Grishkova Yana Grishkova, current student from Ukraine

Master degree in Marketing and Integrated Communications at Vilnius University was definitely the right choice for me. First of all, I am addressing it to its internationally recognized degree, which beyond any doubt plays a significant role for my future. Secondly, I met multicultural environment that taught me to develop new personal and social skills.

I am grateful to have an opportunity to be involved in various community groups, take part in student exchange programs and to get a high-quality education. Professors at Vilnius University are real experts in their field, they are passionately curious about the subject that they teach. They are ready to answer all the questions and to provide assistance. What I liked the most, were the guest speakers from different businesses, who shared their personal experiences. Many of them were graduates of Vilnius University, which confirms the value of the education here.

In addition to the studies, a fully saturated student life is present for the international students. ESN organization took care to help understanding the culture of Lithuania and organized numerous events for meeting with students from other faculties. Altogether Vilnius University is known for its culture of helping and for the friendly atmosphere.

I consider myself very lucky to be a part of Vilnius University. For that reason, I can wholeheartedly recommend Marketing and Integrated Communications programme to those who are looking for high value education in a pleasant environment.


Marius Graf

Marius Graf, graduate from Germany

After I have received my Bachelor‘s degree in Germany, I wanted to study in a foreign country and therefore I decided to apply for the Master program in Marketing & Integrated Communication at Vilnius University. It turned out to be a very good decision for several reasons.

Firstly, the mix of subjects is well-balanced and the learning outcomes are great.

Secondly, the classes are small with students from all over the world, which creates an informal and international study environment.

Thirdly, guest lecturers are invited regularly to provide different perspectives on the topics covered in class.

Fourthly, the campus has a modern library, the professors are always happy to offer help/give advice, and there are numerous opportunities to engage in student activities besides studies.

All in all, I can highly recommend this study program at Vilnius University and I would always make the same decision again! Also, Vilnius is an amazing student city that you should not miss out on!



Aušra Simonavičienė

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

I will never forget exclusively high-quality and innovative Quality Management masters studies.

I have been engaged in to advanced theory, study visits in highly innovative Lithuanian organizations, quality audits, practical application of knowledge in business and my daily life.





Karina Sedneva

Karina Sedneva, graduate from Russia

Senior SMM Manager in a digital communication agency Jungle SMM

Karina Sedneva, graduate from Russia "Vilnius University is not the first place that comes to mind of a girl from St. Petersburg who thinks about studies in Europe. However, that happened during my Bachelor studies in St. Petersburg State University. What is more, I wanted to get practical, contemporary knowledge that is up to date and applicable for building my career. After some scanning I chose Vilnius University, surprised my friends, but I had reasons. And I still believe that the choice was absolutely right.

Studies in Marketing and Integrated Communication programme are strongly based on practical and current examples and learning is about developing of skills, not just knowledge. Groups of students are small, yet really international – there is a possibility to communicate with people from all over the world in a language you all share – English. Studies are really affordable, considering the EU diploma, recognized all over the world.

After a year and a half, I am very happy and proud being a graduate of Vilnius University. I found friends here, I learned a lot of useful things, I improved my English and spent wonderful time in a cozy European city.



Luana Baglieri

Assistente tecnico presso ANPAL Servizi

Thanks to this experience, I improved my professional and personal skills and this will help me to make the difference in the working context.




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