Specialisation in a selected field of research helps to develop staff expertise. The unity of science and studies, aiming at assurance of reflection and implementation of current scientific research in studies is the core principle of the Faculty of Economics academic activities. A majority of teachers at the Faculty, besides teaching, also pursue active scientific activity in the fields of management and economics, namely:

  • Individual and joint scientific research projects, which are presented at national and international conferences, and published in Lithuania and abroad.
  • Applied scientific research and provision of expertise upon the requests of state institutions and the private sector; active participation in projective and strategic planning of the state's economic development, analyses of institutional activities and functions, draft laws, consultations for state institutions.
  • Teachers and students of the Faculty actively cooperate in activities of the two methodical-consulting organisations, established in the Faculty: "The VU Centre of Business Information and Consulting" and "The Business Education and Training Centre".

Scientists of the Faculty of Economics participate in the implementation of the Vilnius University scientific research project "Modelling Lithuanian Social and Economic Development and Management on Integration into the EU". Each department has more precise research tasks under this general topic. The Faculty of Economics disseminates scientific results in the following forms:

  • Annually organises a scientific conference. Local and foreign scientists as well as representatives of the state management institutions and business organisations participate and present papers at the conference.
  • Publishes two peer-reviewed scientific journals: "Economics" and Organizations and markets in Emerging Economies", on issues of economics, management and business.
  • Participates in the activities of the Society of Lithuanian Economists, provides material support for its activities (venue and public utilities are provided free of charge).
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