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The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship


The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship is a special scholarship offered by Vilnius University for the most gifted applicants from Belarus in order to express solidarity with the people of Belarus and to support the democratic aspirations of the neighboring country.
This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition fees and, in addition, the most talented students will receive a monthly grant of 200 euros in the first year of studies.
Vilnius University will also offer Belarusian students facing persecutions to transfer their studies to the university.


Applicants can choose between both bachelor’s and master’s study programmes.

The number of scholarships is limited.

The application deadline is September 14, 2020.

About our studies



Rasa Rad

Rasa Radzevičienė

Partner at PwC Lithuania

Every year we select two teams of auditing interns and specialists for PwC Auditing department. In 2018/2019 we employed 30+ specialists and 20+ interns.

In a year, the members of our team learn about the performance of 20+ companies and receive 100+ hours of professional methodical auditing training. 1 year at PwC amounts to 2-3 years in any other company. PwC values the graduates of Vilnius University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration because of the fundamental knowledge in accounting, auditing, financial analysis and economics that they receive during their studies, and also because during their study projects they learn how to achieve the best results while working in a team.

Accounting and auditing specialists, who grow up in one of the best universities for this study profile, are able to quickly adopt new knowledge, adapt to the dynamic and fast-paced job at PwC, as well as navigate the Lithuanian and global business market.


S Mitkus

Sigitas Mitkus

Adviser to the President of the Republic of Lithuania

Successful navigation within the financial services industry that has been rapidly changing due to financial technologies requires abstract thinking including understanding of economic and finance theories, problem solving and IT skills, and good intuition – all the competences to be nurtured within the BSc in Quantitative Economics programme.




Vitas VasiliauskasDr. Vitas Vasiliauskas

Chairman of the Board (Bank of Lithuania)

We are after graduates with rigorous quantitative skills, economic intuition, and capacity to distill complex economic ideas into simple words.





incognito 1

Jonas Akelis

Managing Partner, the Baltic States, Central & South-East Europe North Cluster Leader

Despite the constantly evolving technologies and processes of automatization and robotization, specialists of accounting and auditing will always remain in demand.

Our company alone can provide paid internship work places and employment possibilities to around 15 students/graduates in the field of accounting, around 7-10 students in tax consulting, and 15 – in auditing.



Lidziya Lysiankova

Graduate from Belarus

Choosing Vilnius University was one of the best decisions of my life! I fell in love with the lectures and the professors’ approach to teaching: the studies were very interesting and after one semester, I felt that it was easier to concentrate on them. Moreover, the university staff is very nice and helpful: they are always ready to help you, no matter what kind of problems you have. I also really enjoyed the atmosphere in my group: we had both Lithuanian and international students from all over the world, so I learned a lot about other countries and cultures.

And Vilnius is an amazing city to live in: it quickly becomes your home and then you can’t imagine your life without coming back here. I highly recommend to study in VU: it is a place that will change your life!


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Robertas Ivanauskas

Senior Consulting Manager at Euromonitor International

Global marketing study programme seems to be applicable for educating and training young professionals so that they are ready to act as high-performers in the labour market locally and abroad.




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Marius Jurgilas

Member of the Board (Bank of Lithuania)

For several years now the Bank of Lithuania participates in the joint policy decision making of the Eurosystem. At the round table discussions it is the best and most convincing economic arguments that define the monetary stance of the Eurosystem, regulatory interventions and the design of the future Eurozone.

Thus, the Bank of Lithuania needs University graduates with broad, rigorous and up-to-date training in economics.

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