Vision and mission

The Vision of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

We see the Faculty of Economics and Business Administraton as a leading institution in Lithuania in the area of economic and management studies and science, where the focus is laid on economic and management core competences.  The Faculty strives to educate scientists, who address economic development challenges relevant for Lithuania and other countries. With the help of modern and flexible study programmes Faculty of Economics and Business Administration aspires to create favorable conditions to acquire worldwide recognized, competitive education corresponding to European and Lithuanian market needs.


The Mission of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Faculty members should carry out scientific research in the fields of economics, business and management according to national and international scientific programmes. In collaboration with other Lithuanian and foreign scientific and higher education institutions the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration strives to tackle important Lithuanian and EU economic development issues. The Faculty aims at consolidating its position in the international scientific research and higher education arena, initiates and implements important economic development projects, which significantly contribute to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship conditions in Lithuania. The opinions and announcements of the Faculty’s teaching staff expressed in public media are regarded as an important factor in forming public opinion and national public policy decisions.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration also strives to prepare three levels of specialists (Bachelor, Master and Doctor) in economics, management and management information systems, which meet current international requirements and the needs of Lithuanian labor market. The Faculty aims at ensuring study quality, which corresponds to modern science level, also ensures that general and professional abilities and competencies would meet the needs and trends of the labor market. The Faculty also aims at creating a well-functioning study quality assurance system, which would guarantee the implementation of contemporary study programmes and promotes modern teaching methods and means. The Faculty strives to continuously improve competencies of its teaching staff and promote life-time learning, thus playing an important role in the creating a life-time learning society. 

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