Management and Business Administration programme's study committee (BA)
 Chair assoc. prof. dr. Lionius Gaizauskas ( Accounting and Audit department)

prof. habil. dr. Albinas Marcinskas (Management department);
assoc. prof. dr. Aida Mačerinskienė (Head of Business department);
prof. habil. dr. Vaclovas Lakis (Acounting and Audit departpemt);
prof. dr. Sigitas Urbonavicius ( Head of Marketing department);
Social partner: dr. Tadas Gudaitis (Swedbank);
Student representative: Radvilė Dzemydaitė.

Economic Analysis and Planning (Lithuanian and English) programmes' study committee (MA)
Chair prof. dr. Linas Cekanavicius (Head of Quantitative Methods and Modeling department);

assoc. prof. dr. Teodoras Medaiskis, (Quantitative Methods and Modeling department);
lect. dr. Algirdas Bartkus (Quantitative Methods and Modeling department);
assoc. prof. dr. Ruta Kropiene (Quantitative Methods and Modeling department);
Social partner: dr. Raimondas Kuodis (Board member of Bank of Lithuania);
Student representative: Normantė Šikšniūtė.

International Business Economics and Management programme's study committee (MA)
Chair prof. dr. Algirdas Miskinis (Economic Policy department);

assoc. prof. dr. Rolandas Vincas Giedraitis (Economic Theory department);
assoc. prof. dr. Virginijus Tamasevicius (Management department);
prof. dr. Danute Diskiene (Management department);
Social partner: Ruta Skyriene (Director of "Investors Forum" association);
Student representative: Domantas Patinskas.

Marketing and Integrated Communication programme's study committee (MA)
Chair prof. dr. Sigitas Urbonavičius (Head of Marketing department)

prof. dr. Greta Drūteikienė (Management department);
assoc. prof. dr.Ramūnas Časas (Marketing department);
prof. dr. Vytautas Dikčius (Marketing department);
assoc. prof. dr. Indrė Pikturnienė (Marketing department);
Social partner: Rūta Gaudiešienė (JSC „Socialinės informacijos centras", Head of Marketing);
Student representative: Aira Janonytė.

Finance programme's study committee (MA)
Chair prof. dr. Arvydas Paškevičius (Head of  Finance department)

prof. dr. Rasa Kanapickienė (Finance department);

lect. dr. Filomena Jasevičienė (Finance department);

Social partner: dr. Algimantas Laurinavičius (SC „Hanner", Director of Finance);

Student representative: Joana Narkūnaitė.

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