Finance and Banking

This programme is focused on analytical skills and preparation for Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) exams.

The principal aims of the programme are as follows:

  • Critically evaluate economic and financial theories and research methods, to provide sufficient knowledge needed for analysis of financial problems at a macroeconomic level and to makegrounded decisions at the highest financial management level;
  • Introduce to the role, development, aims and objectives of international financial institutions and financial markets globally;
  • Provide theoretical and practical knowledge needed for improvement of budgetary system and taxation policy in the face of national and global economic changes;
  • Provide scientific and methodical knowledge needed for independent organization’s financial analysis and financial risks’ assessment and management, while taking into account macro and micro environmental changes.
  • Introduce to the main topics of CFA Institute material and to prepare students for CFA exams.



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Tuition Fee for semester: 2010 Eur.

Tuition Fee for year: 4020 Eur.

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