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muhametMy journey with Vilnius University dates back to 2011 as an Erasmus BSc. student through which I spent an adventurous and mind-opening year. Later after graduation I decided to pursue my masters in management. Based on an outstanding educational and living experience in Lithuania and while comparing its tuition fees to other universities in Europe, I did not hesitate in signing up for the IBEM program because it was simply the best return on investment. Along a year and half I had another outstanding experience with qualified Lithuanian and international professors, amazing classmates from more than 15 countries and an exchange semester in France. Moreover I was so grateful to get a generous scholarship for academic achievement.

It has been one of my best decisions and I am really proud to call the oldest university in Eastern Europe my Alma Mater! I am looking forward to seeing Lithuania becoming an international educational hub in the upcoming decade, since it has all what it takes to be!

Mohamed Hal

hateemI initially came to Lithuania in 2013 as an Erasmus exchange student for 10 months. These 10 months were full of fun and unique enough for me to take it to the next level and apply for IBEM (International Business Economics and Management) at VU. Vilnius University was the place where I felt absolutely welcomed. The staff were amazingly helpful, the relationship between the teachers and students was very close. I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at VU and a part of this marvelous community.

During my studies at Vilnius University, I have met many students from different backgrounds, with whom I used to work and share ideas and topics. That has indeed helped me develop intercultural awareness. Within my studies, I have taken numerous courses and trainings; I have gained experience in the project cycle management, teamwork, human resources management, cross-cultural Management and even conflict resolution.

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alieu3I am highly honoured to have received the KITE grant that has afforded me the opportunity to pursue a Master in Economics Analysis and Planning at Vilnius University (Faculty of Economics). This University is known for its prestige and I am truly delighted to have obtained this once in a life time opportunity. Not only has it enabled me to further my studies, it has also enabled me to experience living abroad for the first time and to immerse myself into a new culture, learning a new language (Lithuanian) in the process. I began this one and half (1.5) year mobility in September 2014 and I am enjoying every aspect of it. This opportunity is the fulfilment of a dream.

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eriseldaThe International Business Economics and Management master program at Faculty of Economics in Vilnius University was a significant opportunity in terms academic experience and beyond. The quality of lectures exceeded my expectations. The ability to experience the teaching methods of professors from many different countries was another side of making the program more interesting. As well, I was honored to be given the Vilnius University Scholarship introduced to international master students which was a great help and incentive to perform highly.  On the other side, there are lots of opportunities presented to students where we could get involved. During the time at VU, I was able to participate in some projects, pursued an internship at a consulting company in Vilnius, and received an Erasmus Traineeship to pursue internship abroad, which resulted to my current employment. Vilnius University and IBEM program was the best decision I have made so far.  

Eriselda Barjamaj

g georgiaBefore starting graduate studies, I was thinking long time to choose the right university, which would help me to develop professional skills and to get closer to my future goals. After acquiring master’s degree in Marketing and Integrated Communications from Vilnius University, I can definitely say that it was amazing experience and made right decision. There are a lot of positive reasons behind it, but will try to highlight the most important ones.

First of all, studying process is truly diverse at Vilnius University, and it’s not only directed to enhance theoretical knowledge. Professors, from Lithuania and different countries, were sharing their practical experience from various fields, which made easier to see the real opportunities, how to implement theoretical knowledge in life. Moreover, writing the final thesis was one of the challenges, which made me and my friends to spend a lot of sleepless nights in the library, but smooth cooperation and consultations with our professors helped us to see the efficient results at the end of the year.  Special thanks to Prof. Sigitas Urbonavičius, who is the perfect example how to be the head of the MIC programme and great friend at the same time. Furthermore, all the staff members are very friendly and helpful especially for the international students, which made me to feel not far from my country.

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zhangMy relationship with Lithuania should be called a story of destiny. In 2012, I was chosen to take part in the Summer Camp of Lithuanian Language and Culture, where I got to know this tiny country for the first time and obtained the chance to have an exchange study in 2013 in VU. Therefore, I started a heroic adventure, learning the Lithuanian language and getting myself into the distinct culture.

After completing my bachelor study, I applied directly the master programme of IEBM in VU with delight, since I love this tiny land where everything goes quietly but in order. I was granted a national scholarship to have my master study, where, with my master of the language and previous friends, I found life went so smoothly. People would like to know you and be interested to talk with you in your funny Lithuanian language. And I got my internship in Lithuanian Chinese Business Council in Vilnius, where I met many entrepreneurs from both countries. The most fantastic is that I even got the chance to have an ERASMUS exchange study in Paris, a city of romance.

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lasha copyStudying Marketing and Integrated communication, Master degree program, in Vilnius University was an extremely significant experience for my personal and professional development. It helped me to broaden my intellectual abilities and shaped my views by getting high quality international education. 

The most exciting thing during the studies was an amazing opportunity to have lectures and discussions with marketing professionals invited from leading international companies. Listening great stories of such a successful people, gave me a huge motivation and ambition to achieve a lot in my professional career. Herewith, intercultural diversity of students combined with business climate in the Faculty of Economics, made studies especially attractive. New environment, new challenges and communication with highly qualified professors helped me to gain awareness of marketing insights, useful skills, knowledge and competences.

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luana miniMore than one year ago my application for the Double-Degree program promoted by my home University had a positive response. I was happy for my University career, but I have to be honest and say that I was not so enthusiast about the destination. I knew nothing about Vilnius and Lithuania, or better, nothing more than it is in the North of Europe and it is so cold. I could not even imagine how amazing this city is and how amazing would have been my semester! I could say that it was a continuous magical discovery. As a Master student at the Economics Faculty of Vilnius University, I can say that it was one of the best experiences in my life.

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