Erasmus Mundus 2015/2016, Papuna Gogoladze (Georgia)

papunaI had pleasure to spend 2015/2016 academic year at Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics via Erasmus Mundus programme. The university itself is an active participant in international scientific and academic activities and boasts with many prominent scientists, professors and graduates. During my stay in Vilnius, the university gave me a chance to deepen my knowledge in the inspiring, creative and cosmopolite environment. Being in an absolutely new environment can be sometimes startling but also very exciting. I encountered situations that were absolutely new to me.

Studying at faculty of economics helped me learn to adapt and respond in efficient ways, discover new strengths and overcome barriers. I took around 10 courses and each of them made me familiar with an entirely new ways of learning. All this was achieved by well-functioning study system, along with university staff, mentors and infrastructure. Vilnius University has extremely well-equipped library that provides students with all necessary study materials and equipment, including rooms for group-works and conferences. To put everything in a nutshell, the university with its experienced personnel supports local and international students to form themselves as a highly qualified individual with appropriate skills that meet modern world’s requirements.

Papuna Gogoladze, Tbilisi State University, Georgia

Erasmus+ studies 2015 Autumn, Bruno Candeias (Portugal)

brunoI studied at Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics on the autumn semester. Well in the beginning I must admit I was not very convinced, I had doubts that it would be even worth. I couldn’t be more mistaken! The entire environment: professors, colleagues, faculty of economics and libraries, which are incredibly well equipped. The mentors’ system works well, helps outside the university, but inside the department we had a coordinator who was the most valuable person, and in the first days she guided us. I was not studying on my field, but that was not a barrier to learn a new perspective about management/marketing in the faculty of economics. The courses I took gave me a new way of thinking, either on the consumer perspective, company, going international with a company, supplying and how everything is and should be connected, and even how to evaluate different countries in order to do business, which turned out to be quite interesting. I must say I am proud of having this experience in a not so known city, yet to discover by many, many people. Vilnius will no longer be just a city on a map!

Bruno Candeias, University of Minho, Portugal

Erasmus Mundus 2015 Spring, Shavarsh Gevorgyan (Armenia)

rsz shavarshThrough my studying at The Economics Faculty of Vilnius University I was able to take a variety of courses that introduced me to management and marketing. The courses were flexible and the professors were very supportive. One thing that personally I really appreciate was the academic assistance and personal approach to us. I am so glad I was given the choice of studying here because, I did learn so much about what is going on in the global world in terms of International Economics, globalization, marketing, management and so on. However, success in Vilnius University is not just about finals or GPA. We were expected to demonstrate creativity and critical thinking. Now I look towards the future with hope to find my career passion and make a difference.

Shavarsh Gevorgyan, Armenia (Erasmus Mundus, EMBER Project)

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