Pradžia: 2019-12-19 09:00
Pabaiga: 2019-12-19 16:00

Interested in Economic Policy and Business Cycle Synchronization (BCS)? Want to know how to apply wavelet analysis for BCS or how to measure fiscal stress index in EU? Or maybe want to know about dependencies of BCS and trade patterns, varieties of capitalism and BCS, household finance and real economy fluctuations and much more?

Then save the date 19th December 2019 and register to the workshop “Economic Policy and European Integration at the National Level” at Vilnius University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.


08.45 - 09.00 Morning Coffee

09.00 - 10.30
Wavelet analysis of regional unemployment in Austria
Dr. Svatopluk Kapounek, Principal Investigator “Euro4Europe” (Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic)
Dr. Peter Huber, senior researcher (WIFO, Austria)

Business Cycle Synchronization in a Currency Union: A Meta Analysis
Dr. Jarko Firdmuc, senior researcher (Zeppelin University of Friedrichshafen, Germany)

Measuring fiscal stress index in EU
Dr. Dmitrij Celov, researcher (Vilnius University)
Rosita Karietaitė, master student (Vilnius University)

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

Dependencies of Business Cycle Synchronization Under Different Patterns of Trade Intensity in European Union Counties
Dr. Greta Drūteikienė, junior researcher (Vilnius University)

Theoretical Application of Varieties of Capitalism to Business Cycle Synchronization Field
Žymantas Baranauskas, PhD Student (Vilnius University)

Household Finance and Real Economy Fluctuations: Credit-Driven Household Demand Channel Effects During the Recent Financial Crisis
Karolis Bielskis, PhD Student (Vilnius University)

12.45-14.00 Lunch break

Sectoral-regional business cycle synchronization in EU
PhD Mariarosaria Comunale, junior researcher (Vilnius University)
Dr. Dmitrij Celov, reseacher (Vilnius University)

The cointegration of Baltic states with main trading partners
Dr. Laima Urbšienė, senior researcher (Vilnius University)
Rima Rubčinskaitė, junior researcher (Vilnius University)

Application of sparse PCA, cluster, SSA, wavelets analysis to the GVA data analyzed in sectoral-regional EU context
Saulius Jokubaitis (doctoral student, Vilnius University)
Dr. Dmitrij Celov, researcher (Vilnius University)

Place: Saulėtekio ave. 9, Vilnius (Room 403), Vilnius University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Please register by e-mail till 10 a.m. 16th December, 2019; for registration please specify your name, surname and institution. Due to restricted number of participants to this workshop, registration is an obligatory requirement.

The workshop will be delivered under the project „Reassessment of the Optimum Currency Area in the persistently heterogeneous European Union“ (Euro4Europe) funded by the European Social Fund.

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