We would like to invite you to the conference "Transformation of Science and Business in New Economic Reality", which will take a place on November 25 - 26, 2021. The conference will feature a presentation delivered by Ph. D. Marius Lanskoronskis, Executive Director of Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors.

Marius Lanskoronskis has spent around 15 years in business consulting sector in Lithuania and abroad, also was working in several managerial positions in public sector. Most of the implemented projects and gained competencies cover areas of public sector efficiency and value chain creation in business investments.  

Marius has earned a PhD degree at ISM University of Management and Economics in 2009. Since than is giving lectures in several Lithuanian universities in the topics of strategy and business management.

Marius has also earned the certificate of internal auditor, since 2014 is a member of Social Science Expert board at the Agency of Science, Innovations and Technology.

„Digitalization and automatization in audit and accounting professions. Opportunities and Challenges“

Current global environment is highly fostering computerization, digitalization, automatization and robotization both in public and private sectors. In this context auditors and accountants have to rethink their ways of work as information gets outdated faster than ever before. Business developers, investors demand more recent and wider scope relevant and trustworthy information. To respond to this, services providers have no other choice than to employ digital technologies.

Technologies open opportunities to collect and analyse data from much wider scope of sources, to deal with extremely increasing numbers of different kinds of data. But at the same moment these trends highlight a challenge and demand for highly skilled analysts to interpret that data and transform it into information understandable for different stakeholders. Manipulation of data is another important issue audit and accounting profession has to deal with.


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