Shedule for FIN, 1 year, I semester can be found here.

Shedule for FIN, 2 year, III semester can be found here.


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Courses syllabus

1st Semester 

Compulsory courses:

Advanced Management Accounting (5 ECTS)

Microeconomic Analysis (5 ECTS)

Corporate Finance (5 ECTS)

Research Paper (10 ECTS)

Elective courses:

Strategic Financial Management (5 ECTS)

Globalization (5 ECTS)

2st Semester 

Compulsory courses:

International Banking (5 ECTS)

International Finance (5 ECTS)

Financial Markets (5 ECTS)

Research Paper (10 ECTS)

Elective courses:

Macroeconomic Analysis (5 ECTS)

EU Competition Policy (5 ECTS)

International Accounting Standards (5 ECTS)

3rd Semester 

Advanced Financial Accounting (5 ECTS)

Investments (5 ECTS)

Seminar in Finance Topics (5 ECTS)

Thesis (10 ECTS)

Elective courses:

Financial Stability and

Macroprudential Analysis (5 ECTS)

Company Valuation (5 ECTS)